Crazy Scraps


Amanda Jean at Crazy Mom Quilts makes lots of scrap quilts. She saves all her scraps. I save most of mine, too, but usually not the small ones. On one of her recent blog posts she showed this quilt

It is made of hundreds of four-patch squares. I love it. I decided I have enough scraps to make one, too. Although I don’t believe mine will be this big–it’s at least a queen size. I tend to make lap size quilts. Then I began.

I went scrounging through one of my scraps bins, the one with the small scraps and squares. Those squares need to be 1&1/2″ each. I had a stack that size plus squares that were 3″ and 3&1/2″ that I could cut down without much waste. As you can see, there are lots of odd shaped scraps, too. Those are all getting cut down.

Now let me do the math. 50 X 70 inch lap quilt yields 875, 4-patch squares. That’s 3704 1&1/2″ squares. I chain piece two squares together until I have 200. Then I sew those together in groups of 10 until I have 100. And I only need to do this 10 times.

I read on a blog recently about something called the #The100DayProject. Anyone can join and do any project they want. I joined and the moderators send me an email every week keeping on task. I’m making this quilt.

My plan is to make 10 4-patch squares every day. I started late so I have some catching up to do.

I have 100 squares completed, 200 twos ready to sew together and a few stacks of squares. Each day after I make my 10 4-patches, I will either sew together some squares or cut some more from scraps. It’s doable. By July 4 I’ll be ready to sew them together. I’ll need another goal to get that done, too.

It’s a scrap quilt. I’m okay if this takes a while to complete.


Waiting For Spring

Today is April 15.

It is only six or so inches compared to more than 10 in The Cities or Green Bay. No spring here yet; Easter was 2 weeks ago and we have barely seen grass, held a golf club, or walked onto a pickleball/tennis court. Tulips are far from peeking through the ground and we can only think about what we will be planting. I even had a tough time cleaning out my winter porch pot.

To keep busy, and keep my mind off the weather, I’ve read a few books. Another Inspector Gamache and The Great Alone kept me interested for a few days.

My sewing room is also busy. I’m joining a 100 Day Project and making another scrap quilt. I also took a few weeks to participate in a free-motion quilting challenge, and indeed, it was a challenge. All of those are separate entries–I have lots of time on my hands to do indoor activities.