Forty+ Years of Vacation

This is vacation and has been for over forty years. These guys don’t look a day over 30, do they. Jen and Lisa were just a year old the first year and baby Kelly was 6 weeks old for her first year. Now they are all grown up with kids of their own. This was our first year in Hayward at Treelands Resort. We lived in duplexes with the cousins in adjoining ones so everyone could be together with the mature adults in their own place. It was quiet and relaxing although we didn’t sit on the water. The kids had a pool and lots of resort activities. We didn’t get to interact much with Hannah and Hailey; they were too busy with their cousins.

We found an island out in the flowage and boated out to it a few days. We swam in the backyard pool, and had an evening campfire. A couple of chilly days had us inside playing cards, reading, and napping. We all loved the new place and will be going back next year. Family is what is important here. When I mentioned to Kelly that this vacation is more for the second cousins now, she replied, “No, it’s still for us.” She’s right. It’s for all three generations.


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