Happy Birthday, America, I said while listening to fireworks…

Yes it’s the 4th of July. It has been a month since my last post. Time flies in the summer around here. I am home in a quiet little neighborhood every day of the year except the Fourth of July. Really. You know…steady booms since dusk. I guess we just have to accept these things. Are we one of only a few who don’t go see or do fireworks today? We haven’t been to see fireworks since the kids were little. Crowds of people just aren’t John’s thing.

Since I’ve been here last, I’ve gotten a few things done. I’ve been golfing every week, but not well. (Can’t expect to if it’s only twice a week.) We’ve been rained out twice, and I’ve golfed with John only three times. We golfed today, and I have to admit, it was an excellent day. Beautiful weather, very few people on the course because most people are “at the lake.” I also golfed an 85, one of my best scores ever. 39 on the back which is excellent for me.

IMG_0397 On Sunday we rode up to the lake and visited with Dan, Kari, and the girls. I took the grandgirls berry picking. They weren’t really enthusiastic about it, but we had a good time and got some yummy berries. The season has just begun in Rice Lake, although it’s been in full swing in EC for two weeks. We were told that Sunday was the first good day for berries. Look at the size of those gems. They said the berries seemed to explode these last few days with the warm, sunny temps. The pie was great and we have lots left for strawberry sundaes.IMG_0394

Last Tuesday Renae and I went to Minneapolis to the Orpheum to see the 50th anniversary of Days of Future Past album by the Moody Blues.  I saw them 25 years ago for the 25th anniversary show. It’s very funny watching 60+somethings trying to rock to music that’s 50 years old. Enough said. Great concert. Visited with Kelly, stayed at The Hewing boutique hotel 3 blocks from Kelly’s, and had a wonderful time with a great friend. Days of Future Past is the only album I bought, and have, in vinyl, on tape, in cd, and digital forms. It’s exactly the same in all forms…

We are gearing up for our annual family vacation Up North. This year will be very different and we don’t know what to expect. No Iron River. We out-grew it. It’s off the Hayward Treelands Resort. We will all be together again, but I don’t get to be with my family. Boo. I will be bunking wth BIL and SIL and spouses. I promise to try to get along with them…

That will probably be what my next post is about. Can’t wait…


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