We Missed Spring

IMG_1294June is here; that means the peonies are in bloom.  These medium pink are always the first to show off.  In two or three days the white ones will come out, with the deep pink the last to show their faces.  They’re all in the same place with the same amount of light, but those deep colors just take a while longer. I have a bouquet in the house and we get whiffs of them every time we pass.

And just like that, summer has appeared.  Saturday was a full-fledged hot and humid day to get all my flowers potted. Eleven pots in the front yard and fifteen more in the back.  We are finally seeing some summer beauty and bounty as the garden is finally producing now that we have some heat. I think I should just let the pictures speak for themselves.

These are some of the pots out front that the walkers can enjoy.

Here’s the back yard and deck, from sunny to filtered sun where impatients grow profusely.

…and two of my gardens.  We are attempting to water our shade garden and raspberries with a drip system. It is going to take some getting used to the timing with some close watching. I also have to adjust the hose so everything gets the drink it needs. I will be cleaning up my perennial garden in the next few days, weeding it out and adding mulch. Those  pictures are for another day.

My veggie garden is ready to give us radishes, onions, and greens. Broccoli is wired off from the bunnies so they are growing nicely. This year I planted an heirloom tomato along with the usual better boy, early girl, Romas, and grape tomatoes.  Cukes are planted along the south side of the garage–nice and hot and sunny. Gladiolus and zinnias are there also so by August I should have lots of color there, with plenty of cut flowers for my house.

I’ve been waiting for this since March. It’s worth it.



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