Frustration, But Finished

IMG_1260I completed one quilt in the past few weeks. I read a blog post about a picnic quilt recently. Now I’ve been wanting/meaning to make one of those almost since I began quilting.  After reading that post I decided it was time. I pulled out a jolly bar set, Sundrops by Cory Yoder, I got in a Sew Sampler box from The Fat Quarter Shop and decided to make Picket Fences pattern from the jolly bar book. The main color is such a beautiful peachy pink.

Turns out, it is not a picnic quilt. I have a friend who has been diagnosed with cancer so it went to her. It HAD to go to her because that peachy color is her favorite color. She can now surround herself with a quilt of her favorite color. The picnic quilt will have to be another project down the road.

What frustrated me was the quilting. For the first time I decided to spray baste the quilt. I read a few blogs and it was as easy as they said. BUT something went terribly wrong. Either I sprayed too heavily or the spray was too old (I think I bought it a year or so ago) and the machine quilting was nearly impossible to do. First it skipped stitches, and then it frayed and broke the thread.

I refused to give up. I found a needle/thread conditioner that I received from a Sew Sampler box again, and I stopped and conditioned the needle every few feet of stitches. It was a quilt-saver, for sure. I refuse to show a close-up picture of my loop-d-loop quilting as I could never get into a rhythm. But I finished and gifted the quilt. Ruth is not concerned with perfection, nor am I. Her perseverance is much more critical than mine will ever be.



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