The Hearts of Men: A Book Review, of sorts…


Nick Butler is a local author; he lives in FallCreek.  The book is set in Eau Claire and Northwest Wisconsin at a fictional boy scout camp in Haugen.  I liked the book; my friend, who lent me the book, didn’t like the subject matter.  Most of the men in this book do not have many saving personal qualities. I felt the characters were very real, whether you liked them or not.

Butler’s language was beautiful; I loved his descriptions. A good story, well written is a winner for me.  The book follows three generations of scouts and what/who they grow into. All is not rosey, and there are bullies, macho men, and soldiers. I like getting into the heads of different people to understand where they are coming from. After reading this, I get it.  I felt that same way a “Girl on the Train.” I understood alcoholics and what drives them after reading that book.  I feel I understand some men’s personalities better after reading The Hearts of Men.  I’m glad I read it. I will be going to hear Butler when he speaks at the Chippewa Valley Book Festival this fall.


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