A Change of Pace, Kind of…

A few years ago I decided I wanted to learn the art of crochet.  It’s similar to quilting in that it takes some skill and you can make warm blankets. I learned to crochet, but I haven’t made a warm blanket yet.  The task seems too daunting for me. And it seems I seldom get the number of stitches I need.  I do a lot of ripping.  So I’ve learned to stick with mandalas, coasters, and dish/face cloths.

Because my dish cloths are wearing out, it was time to get out the crochet hook and make a few for John (he does the dishes and cleans the kitchen; I cook). I found a pattern and this is what I turned out.IMG_1253It’s just a simple granny square with a tight weave.  I made the green/yellow one first.  It was way bigger than it needed to be with four different colors.  Therefore, the second one in blue and yellow has just three colors and two fewer rounds. A much better size.  I made the first two Monday evening while watching tv.  Maybe that’s why my number of stitches is off a bit; my mom says you have to pay close attention while you crochet. I’m sure that’s why she was much better at it than I am.

It was so much fun that I made a third one the next night.  All the stitch-counts are correct, and I only had to pull stitches out twice. They are made from left over cotton yarn from projects I did more than a year ago when I was “into” the craft. So does that mean they really didn’t cost me anything? At least I didn’t have to buy any supplies.

At 98 years old, my mom no longer crochets.  She made and gave away 99 afghans, and she didn’t count the number of doilies she made and gave away.  She was good. My sisters, brother, nieces, nephews, grandkids, and step-grands all have afghans and doilies and scarves to remember her by. And I got all her hooks, too.

IMG_1256I had to sew something this week so I took some charm squares and some background fabric and made two blocks like this one. I made a pillow out of one and the other is waiting for quilting to use as a mug rug.  When I don’t know what to do with a block, it usually ends up being a mug rug.

I’m still waiting for spring to progress so I can do outside work.  I worked up my raspberry patch, as many of the canes were over 6 years old. I dug out the old rooted canes but kept the younger ones and trimmed them back.  That was ALL I could do because very few plants are out of dormancy yet.  Maybe this warm weather we’re having now will awaken them.  You know, April showers bring…outside work.


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