A Wicked Easter Weekend

IMG_0301Kelly and I were in Emerald City last Saturday.  A few months back Kelly texted me from work saying “Wicked” tickets were going on sale.  I quickly looked at the schedule at the Orpheum and decided the Saturday Matinee of the first week would be ideal.  I wasn’t thinking about anything other than being able to get tickets, that I hadn’t realized that was Easter weekend.  We usually have family plans for Easter Sunday so it wasn’t until after I was able to secure the tickets that I realized Easter plans would be different this year.

As it turned out, it wasn’t really such a bad idea.  Dan had air miles available so he booked Easter weekend in Florida at Harry Potter at Disney World.  He, Kari, and the girls left Friday, toured the park on Saturday, and flew home on Sunday.  It was a quick fun weekend for them.  That left Easter Sunday for us with just Kelly.  Everything worked out. We decided to dog sit Jhanna so we travelled to Coon Rapids on Friday to arrive after Dan had left. We scheduled a car checkup for John’s car in Wayzata for Saturday morning, getting another errand completed.  I went to the play while he walked and watched the dog, then Kelly and I returned to Coon Rapids for dinner Saturday night because we were eating at Burch for Easter brunch.

The  play was amazing. Kelly has seen it once before, but it was a first for me. The Broadway productions in Minneapolis never disappoint. It was funny, fun, heart-warming, and she’s really not the “wicked witch of the West.” What a great story. Spending the weekend in The Cities made everything convenient for us and the dog didn’t have to go to a kennel.  We all won.

My next visit to the Twin Cities will be in June when my friend Renae and I travel to St. Paul to see The Moody Blues.  Renae and I looked for something to attend in The Cities last summer but nothing excited us.  When this came up we jumped at the chance.  I’ve seen the Moody Blues once before, live, maybe 20 years ago.  “Days of Future Past” is the only album I have in every format: album, tape, CD, and digital.  It may be my favorite piece of music ever. (Ya think?)

Can’t wait.


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