Do You Sit On a Tuffet?

IMG_1236IMG_1234More than a year ago I bought a kit to make my own tuffet.  I liked Kelly’s two midcentury modern footstools she bought for her condo and figured I could make my own.  I found a kit that contained a base, feet, and foam.  All I had to do was sew the cover.  I could have just covered it with upholstery fabric like I did my small footstool, but I wanted it unique and cute.  Of course, there were tons of pictures of them all over the Internet.  Besides that, sewists were making and stuffing their own.

After procrastinating long enough, I broke down and bought a pattern custom made for my square tuffet.  It was worth it. It included fusible interfacing with the pattern on it, a button for the center, cording to attach the button, and instructions to carry me through to the finish.

I found the fabric at Stitch Supply Co, in Altoona. (Love Anne’s shop). The main fabric is new from Joel Dewberry and the stripes are coordinates the clerks helped me find. The sewing was fun but not for a beginner, lots of bias and curves. The construction of the tuffet after I completed the top required the help of Patty, my neighbor, who is a craft/sewing genius. John was even helpful with attaching the foam and fabric, and getting the button in place.

I love it. It was worth the time and money. It wasn’t cheap, but I wasn’t looking for the best deal; I was looking for one-of-a-kind.  I got that.  Of course, I have extra fabric to make a few coordinating pillows.

kit and pattern are from Quilter’s Cocoon


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