Getting Scrappy

I save scraps, fabric scraps.  Some sewists don’t save any, some save every bit.  I don’t get too obsessive, but I do save pieces that I hope to use at some point.  My sewing room and closet were getting a tad messy from tossing scraps randomly, so I got busy sorting through them and organizing my sewing room and supplies. After sorting through my fabrics I ended up with a small tub of strips, a box of squares and rectangles from 1.5 inches to about 4 inches, another box of small(ish) scraps, and another of large scraps.  Large scraps are pieces that I can’t make into fat quarters.  I organized the entire closet where I store my fabrics.  I bought plastic storage containers, I labeled them and packed away much of my supply of fabrics and supplies.IMG_1223The first thing I did was admire my work, then I got after the strips and sewed a few of them together.  Then I “made” fabric by sewing scraps together.  From that I made a hot pad and a pillow.  I’ll be making pin cushions, too.  I have one project to finish before spring gardening and golf begin, so most of my summer sewing will be from the scraps I have accumulated and organized.

I love fabric; I love to look at it, admire it, pet it, and ooh and aah over it.  Why would I throw it away.  Sometimes I don’t even want to sew with it. I know many sewists who are like that.  But once I use the fabric, it’s important that I utilize as much of it as I can.  I have to get ideas from blogs and Pinterest and the internet, but I try to get the most I can out of my fabrics. Here’s the cute little pillow.


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