We Love the Fair

IMG_0295This is Hannah’s science fair project.  What is the best way to thaw raw, frozen chicken to prevent bacterial growth?  That was the question and she researched and tested and concluded that using a cold-water bath is best with thawing in the refrigerator close behind.  Don’t thaw on the counter…that’s where those 700 colonies of bacteria appear.

So research gave her the best answer, and she wrote up the entire procedure, cited background and graphed results.  That project took her to the Minnesota State Science Fair.  She was one of about 500 middle and high school students asked to display their work on individual scientific research.  IMG_0297

Isn’t she cute?  As a seventh grader she was unable to compete for state awards; these middle schoolers were there for experience and sponsor awards.  Food science businesses like Minnesota’s Land-O-Lakes and Institue of Food Technologists awarded Hannah money for her excellent research and hard work.  Food scientists are important in many businesses in Minnesota as our family found out this weekend.  We are very proud of Hannah and know how hard she worked on this project. She is a very deserving student.

She and her friend Becca spent the weekend at the Marriot along with the rest of the participants.  We took the girls out for something to eat at the end of the fair and before the awards presentation.  I’m sure this is a weekend neither will forget. Hannah has a bright future.IMG_0298

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