Making Birthday Gifts


I grew up on a dairy farm which meant work 24/7.  There was never a break, except on our birthday. That was the best part about our birthday; we never had to do chores in the house or in the barn. Nothing. No work. All day. It was a special day. All six of my sisters and my brother have all grown up and are off the farm so birthdays are different and gifts become more relevant in making the day special.

My mom crocheted and gifted afghans for many years.  She gifted 99 in her lifetime and she told me every time she made one she would think about the person for whom she was making it the entire time.  I know what she means.  I made this spring mug rug and two pin cushions for my sister Jo whose birthday was on the 19th.  I thought about her the whole time I was making these.  Jo embroiders. She does beautiful work.  She made me a table runner for my birthday.She was able to listen to 50 hours of Gone With The Wind as she sewed.  That’s a long time.  Of course, my simple little gift took just a few hours and cannot even compare to the gift I received from her.

But she has to know she is loved a lot and my thoughts are with her.  I hope she uses her mug rug as she continues her embroidery work.  And from one seamstress to another–who can’t use another pin cushion?

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