Our Last Few Days in the Desert

Now that we are home I want to document our last few days in Palm Desert.  The day after our visit to Joshua Tree we climbed another mountain.  It was not as high and not as long as Ryan Mountain yesterday.  At the end of this climb is a lighted cross. I don’t know the story of it, but it is visible at night in most places in Palm Desert.  It happened to have been Ash Wednesday, and when we reached the top about a dozen people were participating an an Ash Wednesday service.  Cool.

Kelly spent her last day basking in the sun; the sun was warm and the breezes were cool.  We relaxed in the hot tub and pool, drank a few beverages, and ate our last meal together el fresco.  John and I were as sad to see her leave as she was to go.

We found the cutest little par three golf course ever; you don’t even have to call for a tee time.  Just show up.  We walked the nine holes and carried our clubs at the foot of the snowy mountains.  Life is good especially when life is simple. Then we found a public golf course where we were able to play nine holes and got a complimentary happy hour drink.  It’s a course very similar to Mill Run, our home course.

We attended the Wildflower Festival on Saturday as the desert was just beginning to bloom.  We were told that by next week those hiking the hills will walk in a sea of yellows and reds and purples.  High winds plagued our Sunday so we shopped and drove around a bit.  Last days are bittersweet.

I can’t leave without showing off our mountain landscape. So much snow–more than we have ever seen in our 6 years here. The drought is over.  The Coachella Valley got 5.5 inches of rain in January and February this year; last year they had a total of 2 inches all year.IMG_0283

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