The Living Desert


What a way to start our day in the desert: feed the giraffe.  Look at that tongue.  She didn’t want to be petted, so she snatched the carrot with her long tongue and backed away.  Visiting the Living Desert while in Palm Desert is a must; the flora and fauna of the desert is on display.  We watched the cheetahs run, the baby warthogs play while mom and dad slept, and the hyenas sleep in the sun.  Kelly wants a pet fennec, the smallest fox in the world…I don’t think she’ll ever have one of her own, though.

Then we strolled through the butterfly house.  They put the cocoons on display; about 300 butterflies emerge every week.  It’s amazing. We saw three struggling out of their cocoons as we stood there.  It was a cool day so many of the butterflies reached for the netting to catch more of the sun’s warmth.  We only were able to snap pictures of a few that had lit on the flowers. Beautiful.img_0169

Succulents and desert plants abound in the park.  With all the rain in California this year, many of the cacti were blooming.  Pinks, purples, yellows, and lots of spines cover the landscape in the desert. It was a wonderful Sunday morning stroll in the park.



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