Rodin at Sunnylands

Our friends John and Renae visited us in Palm Desert this weekend.  We usually golf with them but the weather did not cooperate with us this year.  Because it is Midcentury Modern Week in the area we toured a newly renovated midcentury modern home.  After having lunch on El Paseo we headed out to Sunnylands for a tour.

Sunnylands is the winter retreat home of the Annenburgs, a wealthy family from Pennsylvania.  They opened it up to Presidents, Cabinet, and Supreme Court justices for a retreat or peace summits.  Their 9 hole private golf course is also for them.  There is a public building and gardens for the public to enjoy and learn the Annenburg’s story and about their philanthropy.

The highlight of my day turned out to be all about a sculpture.  The Annenburgs acquired two August Rodin sculptures: Eve and  Eternal Spring.  Eve is at the residence which the public has no access to, but Eternal Spring is on display at the visitor’s center.  Isn’t it beautiful?  It is white marble and is placed is a window that bathes her in sunshine.  Sculpture is my favorite form of art and Rodin is my favorite sculptor.  To see this up close was wonderful.  No, it’s not The Kiss, but it is stunning.  If you ever are in Palm Springs, don’t miss Sunnylands.  Next year we plan to get tickets to take a tour of the private grounds and the 25,000 square foot midcentury modern home.

This is the second year in a row that President Obama is in Palm Springs when we are. Rumor has it that they will be winter residents here permanently.  They arrived today and Sunnylands was one of their stops.  We have never seen them in person out here; I don’t think we golf the same golf courses…

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