I wish you could see the sky and the mountains today.  Every level and each distance appears in a different color.  A storm is on its way–has been approaching all day.  Golf at Riviera was postponed, and that’s the rain we are going to get.

This is only the second time in all the years we’ve come out here (5? 6?) that we will see rain.  Last time it was half an inch.  We are expecting over an inch today, and that means flash flooding here.  I may have another better report tomorrow. I hope not; just rain would be fine.

It would be nice if it rained tonight and blows through by tomorrow afternoon.  John and Renae are coming from Yuma to spend the weekend.  All the activities we planned are outdoor activities.  Of course they are; everything is outdoors in Palm Desert, including our living room.  We will be fine. We will be with friends.


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