Fresh Eating

img_1191Look at my haul from today’s farmers market.  Cara cara oranges, lemons, tangerines, avocado, cherry tomatoes, asparagus, honey, garlic, shallots.  Free range eggs and cheddar cheese were my only non-veggie/fruit choices.  This is only one of the perks of being in Southern California in February.  I picked a few grapefruits from a tree near the condo, and we have fresh fruit for a few days for snacks and meals.

The weather is fabulous.  The temp gets to near 80 everyday, chilly in the morning but warming up nicely by afternoon.

We played pickleball last evening and had some fun and met a few tenants.  This is definitely a tennis community, as there were very few experienced players out there.  Nothing like the competition we see back home.  We plan to go out to the public pickleball courts one morning soon to see if we can find others who play for fun and exercise.  The public courts are very nice, and someone told us they are busy most mornings.

I need to get my fill of sunshine today and tomorrow as rain is predicted for the weekend.  The drought is coming to an end here.  The mountains have lots more snow than I’ve ever seen in the five years we’ve been coming here.  I can also see green in the hills that I only saw as brown, previously.  A good sign…

Time to put on my suit and get to the pool.

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