How Does Your Garden Grow

It grows fast!  We have eaten all the radishes; I have picked lettuce and spinach at least twice.  The broccoli is starting to form heads, and the tomatoes and cukes are well on their way.  My soil from neighbor Patty is the best ever.


Pots of Posies

I managed to plant all the flowers John brought home from his brother’s greenhouse.  He spent 3 weekends helping with watering and other dubious  tasks.  I must say, I am quite pleased. With all the rain we have had in the past week or so, everything is lush and green.  I barely even had to water in the pots as rain fell almost immediately after I finished.

I takes a lot of time and thought to figure out which plants to put together into which pots.  And then I wonder if the flowers will keep blooming in the places I put them.  Our yard is quite mature, and some of my pot spots don’t get 6 hours of sun.  I always have to watch them carefully to get their full potential.  If they don’t do well in their original places, I move them to more appropriate spots.  Of course, my deck is very shaded and I am able to grow at least 2 flats of impatience around it.  This year they were quite leggy and I had to cut them back.  I planted them only 3 days ago and they are already flowering.  Such healthy plants…  Here are the pictures.