Cards, Cards, and More Cards

Everyone in my (growing up) family gets birthday cards from all the rest of us.  It something I have kept afloat with my kids, too.  May is my huge card-buying month, July is next, then December.  For May: mother- Mother’s Day and birthday, brother Jim, daughter Kelly, granddaughter Hailey.  My mother-in-law also had a birthday and Mother’s Day.  I always attempt to buy them all at once.  Almost every year I forget one.  A few years ago it was Kelly-Yikes!  This year it was Hailey.  Now I have to go back…

Today was Mother’s Day.  I have been fortunate to spend the last five Mother’s Days with both my children and grandchildren.  We met in Hudson, had brunch at the San Pedro Cafe, and drove home.  This year Dan was unable to join us so we spent the afternoon in Minneapolis with Kelly.

Brunch at Burch, shopping for personal, homemade bath products at Lush, ice cream at (I forgot the name of the) creamery. YUM.

Best part was getting to spend the entire time with Kelly.  She’s all grown up and is a beautiful young woman.  I’m proud to be her mom.

Kelly’s phone takes much better pictures than mine.  Can you tell?

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