May 5

imageCinco de Mayo is a relatively new term to me.  To me, May 5 has always been my only brother’s birthday (well, for 63 years anyway).  Where I come from, no May Day, no Cinco de Mayo.  Not traditions I grew up with…

So in honor of Jim’s birthday: Happy birthday, Jim. image

I love this picture of Jim.  He’s probably 19 if the date on the picture is the year it was taken.  Remember, sometimes pictures didn’t get developed close to when they were taken.  Pictures like this serve two purposes: one to capture the person in time and the other to capture the setting in time.  I remember the car, for one, but not too much because I was already out of the house and married.  But more than anything I enjoy seeing the shed in the background…and look at all that snow.  Fond memories.

The picture at the top has captured Jim perfectly.  Today he is the patriarch of the family; he takes good care of my mom and watches out for her; he tries to keep all of his 5 remaining sisters grounded.  He has a wonderful wife and raised two great kids.  He is a kind-hearted, good man.  He enjoys a good cocktail, has a large circle of friends, and throws almost nothing away😉.  (Sorry.  I had to get that last thing in there–no one is without flaws.)

I am celebrating your birthday, Jim, by playing tennis and golf today.  I think I’ll raise a glass or two to you, too.

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