May Day

After a quick brunch and cleanup today, I ventured out to plant some flowers.  What a gorgeous day!  I bought some gladiolus bulbs; I think they are John’s favorite flower.  I have a nice sunny space on the south side of my garage that I no longer need for tomatoes.  They went in like a charm.  I planted half of them, about 50, so they don’t bloom all at once.  I’ll plant the rest in a few weeks.

I planted my cool weather garden a few weeks ago when it was warm: broccoli, onion sets, spinach, parsley, and radishes.  The seeds are all popping up, and the broccoli and parsley are strong.  Now if we can just get a few more sunny days in a row, I can be eating fresh salads from my garden in a few weeks.

The rabbit fence works.  I will NOT let the bunnies eat my broccoli or parsley; it’s their favorites.  We saw 8 rabbits playing in our yard a few days ago.  I’m sure that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  They are eating my chives, but I have enough of those to survive. Besides, now the chives are getting a bit too strong for their tastes.


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