I Love Flowers


Yesterday I spent a few hours potting flowers.  My front step is adorned with blues and yellows.  My front windows have their geraniums and as you pull up on the drive my dreamsicle, cranberry, yellow, and red coral bells greet you.  I have pictures of them all, of course, and a few on Instagram and Facebook.

As I write this, a thunderstorm is welcoming all the pots to their new surroundings.  I hope to have a long season enjoying them.




Cards, Cards, and More Cards

Everyone in my (growing up) family gets birthday cards from all the rest of us.  It something I have kept afloat with my kids, too.  May is my huge card-buying month, July is next, then December.  For May: mother- Mother’s Day and birthday, brother Jim, daughter Kelly, granddaughter Hailey.  My mother-in-law also had a birthday and Mother’s Day.  I always attempt to buy them all at once.  Almost every year I forget one.  A few years ago it was Kelly-Yikes!  This year it was Hailey.  Now I have to go back…

Today was Mother’s Day.  I have been fortunate to spend the last five Mother’s Days with both my children and grandchildren.  We met in Hudson, had brunch at the San Pedro Cafe, and drove home.  This year Dan was unable to join us so we spent the afternoon in Minneapolis with Kelly.

Brunch at Burch, shopping for personal, homemade bath products at Lush, ice cream at (I forgot the name of the) creamery. YUM.

Best part was getting to spend the entire time with Kelly.  She’s all grown up and is a beautiful young woman.  I’m proud to be her mom.

Kelly’s phone takes much better pictures than mine.  Can you tell?

May 5

imageCinco de Mayo is a relatively new term to me.  To me, May 5 has always been my only brother’s birthday (well, for 63 years anyway).  Where I come from, no May Day, no Cinco de Mayo.  Not traditions I grew up with…

So in honor of Jim’s birthday: Happy birthday, Jim. image

I love this picture of Jim.  He’s probably 19 if the date on the picture is the year it was taken.  Remember, sometimes pictures didn’t get developed close to when they were taken.  Pictures like this serve two purposes: one to capture the person in time and the other to capture the setting in time.  I remember the car, for one, but not too much because I was already out of the house and married.  But more than anything I enjoy seeing the shed in the background…and look at all that snow.  Fond memories.

The picture at the top has captured Jim perfectly.  Today he is the patriarch of the family; he takes good care of my mom and watches out for her; he tries to keep all of his 5 remaining sisters grounded.  He has a wonderful wife and raised two great kids.  He is a kind-hearted, good man.  He enjoys a good cocktail, has a large circle of friends, and throws almost nothing away😉.  (Sorry.  I had to get that last thing in there–no one is without flaws.)

I am celebrating your birthday, Jim, by playing tennis and golf today.  I think I’ll raise a glass or two to you, too.

Working the soil

I come from a long line of farmers.  Farmers love the soil.  Some raise crops and cattle and kids, like my dad and grandpas.  Some garden for food and beauty like my mom.  Dad was not for wasting good crop land with anything but food.  He always told my mom, “You can’t eat flowers.” Which is why we seldom had flowers anywhere but around the perimeter of the house.

A few of us kids got the farmer genes; I think all of us did to some degree.  We all have or had gardens.  Of course, today I would call us agronomists, not farmers, but the love of all things that grow, is there.

Yesterday I spent outside “working the soil.”  We were going to golf, but time got away from us and it was too windy, anyway.  John worked in the front yard facing east and didn’t even know there was a breeze.  I was in our west-facing back yard…

I cleaned up my shade perennials and divided a few hostas.  I also fertilized my raspberries.  I know they do okay without, but they get so much bigger and juicier when they get a little 10-10-10.  I haven’t gotten to the higher garden box yet or my flower box.  I have to wait until all the flowers show their faces before I do any cleaning.

After 3 hours I quit, mainly because I was so sore I couldn’t do any more.  REALLY?!  I guess I’m not 60 anymore.  All it took as a good night’s rest to refresh these old bones and stiff joints.  But it’s looking like spring in Wisconsin.

Peonies will be blooming in a few weeks, too.
Many of these were from my friend Jean. She’s an agronomist, too.
My Bleeding Heart is doing well


Pillows are a favorite sewing project of mine, and I change them out as often as I get a yen.  After Christmas I added a few to my living room collection.  This time I didn’t do patchwork.  I love the fabrics so I left that as is.  I suppose now that it is spring

I could change them out again, but I haven’t seen the right fabrics.

I made three of them so I have six pillow choices.  One is a Christmas tree, so I really have only 5 choices.  I kind of love them all.

May Day

After a quick brunch and cleanup today, I ventured out to plant some flowers.  What a gorgeous day!  I bought some gladiolus bulbs; I think they are John’s favorite flower.  I have a nice sunny space on the south side of my garage that I no longer need for tomatoes.  They went in like a charm.  I planted half of them, about 50, so they don’t bloom all at once.  I’ll plant the rest in a few weeks.

I planted my cool weather garden a few weeks ago when it was warm: broccoli, onion sets, spinach, parsley, and radishes.  The seeds are all popping up, and the broccoli and parsley are strong.  Now if we can just get a few more sunny days in a row, I can be eating fresh salads from my garden in a few weeks.

The rabbit fence works.  I will NOT let the bunnies eat my broccoli or parsley; it’s their favorites.  We saw 8 rabbits playing in our yard a few days ago.  I’m sure that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  They are eating my chives, but I have enough of those to survive. Besides, now the chives are getting a bit too strong for their tastes.