Yesterday my my friend Jean brought me some perennials she divided from her property.  I love her!  Siberian iris, downy yellow violet, pink spiderwort,purple spiderwort, bee balm, and columbine.  The tall ones are droopy and I may cut them back, but my flower box is definitely full.  I put some of the “overflow” in my garden and around the perimeter of the house.

i think that I am finished with planting for the season.  I also planted some onion bulbs so we can have some little green onions in July.  The yard is looking great, and I am feeling stiff.  I am happy to be doing it, though.    Gardening always makes me feel better mentally, physically, and emotionally.  I won’t be golfing today, but it doesn’t matter.  I got all the fresh air I needed in my garden.

By the way, it is a beautiful spring day in Wisconsin.  No humidity, cool breeze, sun shining.  That’s exactly how it was last night for golf, too.  (I golfed a 46; my game is back for now)


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