Started Thimbleblossoms scrappy quilt along

imageAren’t these cute.  They are the perfect size block, too.  I love the star in the middle.  These are the first blocks I made for the #sewlux Thimbleblossoms scrappy quilt along.  I had to buy 4 new patterns, and I bought the fabric kit.  I’m glad I did because I never would have figured out the best way to cut my own fabric.  I Find it difficult to visualize a pattern with just some fabric laying in front of me.

But I really like the fabric from Bonnie and Camille and the fact that it’s a sampler quilt.  I don’t think I could make full quilts of some of the blocks, or rather I should say I would want to.

I have a Swoon 16 left to make.  I know it’s 16″ because it’s called Swoon 16.  I’ve made the swoon mini so I know what I’m in for.  It’s not hard, just lots of pieces.  I like the Swoon block and I think I’m going to like the size.

Have a great day

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