Just have to show off Hailey’s sun dress

When Hailey asked me to make a dress out of the night gown I made for her birthday I was a bit surprised.  But not really.  I knew she would wear the night gown all weekend, and her mom or dad would have to convince her to put on real clothes.  So I did make her a dress.  The nightgown fabric is light and see-through.


So I went to the fabric store and found some great bargains for all their summer fabrics.  I added a little lace and in no time I had a dress for Hailey.  She probably won’t get it until we go “up North” in mid July, but I know she will love it.


Can you tell she loves blue and green?  Both of these match the color of her room.


Work in progress

Last summer, I think, I took part in Lori Holt’s Quilty Fun quilt along.  I was fun, it kept me sewing, and I won some Alphabities from posting all my progress on Flickr.  I completed the top but never got to the back.  I pulled it out a few times this past year, attempting to complete it.  I just never could find the right fabric for the back.


But then I did.  Such cute daisies that go perfectly with the theme of the sampler quilt.  It even allowed me to piece the cute bonnet Lori made for the backing.  With red background, I think it looks great.  So I pieced the back with the bonnet and basted it last night.  Now all that’s left is to quilt it.  I’m going with some easy free motion pattern.


I have one more work in progress before I can start a queen quilt for our spare bedroom.



Yesterday my my friend Jean brought me some perennials she divided from her property.  I love her!  Siberian iris, downy yellow violet, pink spiderwort,purple spiderwort, bee balm, and columbine.  The tall ones are droopy and I may cut them back, but my flower box is definitely full.  I put some of the “overflow” in my garden and around the perimeter of the house.

i think that I am finished with planting for the season.  I also planted some onion bulbs so we can have some little green onions in July.  The yard is looking great, and I am feeling stiff.  I am happy to be doing it, though.    Gardening always makes me feel better mentally, physically, and emotionally.  I won’t be golfing today, but it doesn’t matter.  I got all the fresh air I needed in my garden.

By the way, it is a beautiful spring day in Wisconsin.  No humidity, cool breeze, sun shining.  That’s exactly how it was last night for golf, too.  (I golfed a 46; my game is back for now)

Quilt Block and Pajamas


I finished the wave block on Monday. No sweat, just lots of cutting.  All my cutting is done for Swoon 16 next week.  No, just the colors.  I still have background to cut.  I’ve made a smaller swoon before, and there are lots of pieces.  I know it will take a lot of time.

When I finished that, I decided to make some new pajama bottoms as my present ones have holes where there are not supposed to be holes.  It takes all of 2 hours to make these, and they are so cute.  I’ve made flannel of these for Kelly, Hannah, and me.

Next I make Hailey’s sun dress out of the nightgown pattern I made for her birthday.  I’m ready to sew.

Started Thimbleblossoms scrappy quilt along

imageAren’t these cute.  They are the perfect size block, too.  I love the star in the middle.  These are the first blocks I made for the #sewlux Thimbleblossoms scrappy quilt along.  I had to buy 4 new patterns, and I bought the fabric kit.  I’m glad I did because I never would have figured out the best way to cut my own fabric.  I Find it difficult to visualize a pattern with just some fabric laying in front of me.

But I really like the fabric from Bonnie and Camille and the fact that it’s a sampler quilt.  I don’t think I could make full quilts of some of the blocks, or rather I should say I would want to.

I have a Swoon 16 left to make.  I know it’s 16″ because it’s called Swoon 16.  I’ve made the swoon mini so I know what I’m in for.  It’s not hard, just lots of pieces.  I like the Swoon block and I think I’m going to like the size.

Have a great day

Holy tulip stems


Now now this is a big block–36″ long.  The tulips were fun to make, just 2 1/2″ strips and some flying geese.  I was warned to be very careful on the stems and I read the directions very carefully.  It’s just that the block is a little different than “normal” quilt block stems.  See that white space between the stem and the leaf.  Yup, that’s where I went wrong.

Needless to say, I did some seam ripping and some patchwork that wasn’t in the directions.  One stem is not exactly like the two others, but this is what I love about quilting.  Never a mistake, only a happy accident.  No one will ever know except me.  And maybe it was meant to be that way anyway.

The block is cute, but I dont think I’m making a whole quilt of them.

have a great day

Progress on Thimbleblossoms quilt along sampler


Here is my latest block.  I finally made a Dresden.  It wasn’t difficult at all.  I guess I’m not surprised, though.  The block is huge, 26″ square.  I think all of Bonnie and Camilles blocks are large.  So far I’ve only made minis of their patterns.  I do have the large version of Puddle Jumping so I’ll have to make that soon.

this is a fun quilt along.  I’ve been in one every summer for the last 3 summers.  I like them because they keep me going to my sewing room, even when the weather outside is nice.  In Wisconsin we have to take advantage of all the good weather we have…well, you know why.

But a quilt along still won’t keep me off the golf course.  In fact, I’m off to run a few errands so we can make it to the course this afternoon.

Have a great day