A Week In

We have been in Palm Desert for a week. This is our third year coming to the desert, but our first year staying longer than a week. Because of that we get to see a variety of weather for the first time. While golfing yesterday, the weather turned cool, a few gray clouds filled the sky and the wind blew hard.

Speaking of wind, it blew quite hard Saturday night. When I went out on the patio to enjoy my morning coffee yesterday, I found a film of sand covering everything. It was gritty and sparkling, just like the roks we see in the desert around here. I attempted to wipe and sweep it away. A blower would have been easier. Even the screens were covered.

Last night after dark we had two showers. I don’t know how much rain actually fell, but it seems like more than the .1 inch predicted. We woke up to a 56 degree temp. It should warm up to 70 today and then get back to normal, mid-seventies, the rest of the week.

We didn’t schedule any golf for today. We figure three days a week is fine. We have golfed a full sized course yet. The first two times was a par 3 course and yesterday we golfed an executive course. It had 6 par 4 holes. Very nice, gradual increase to a full sized course. They are also much more expensive.

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