Another beautiful day

Viewing any newscast these days, the headlines are all weather related.  97 inches of snow in Boston, below zero temps and wind chills in the Midwest.  We are so lucky to be here.  That’s  what the newscaster keep repeating.  It’s dry, but a bit hazy.  Temps are above normal for mid-February but not records.  There always seems to be a cool breeze to catch when the sun starts to heat up your skin.  Evenings are wonderfully cool as are the mornings.  I get to exercise in the pool while John walks the perimeter of the complex.  We can jump in the hot tub any time.

Yesterday we golfed for the first time in 5 months.  We chose a par 3 course which was perfect for starters.  It was a relatively new course in a growing area of Indio.  Most of the houses were new, and many more were in various building stages.  Can I say it was perfect?

Today we are traveling out of the area toward the Pacific to see where it takes us.  Adventures await.

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